Suite journey

Our Kickstarter campaign was a great success, thanks to our generous backers!

Now we are busy making mugs, prayer flags, posters, and all the other goodies for your rewards. We will continue to post updates as things progress, letting you know about when our album will be released and when rewards will be ready for delivery.

You can still click on the photo to see our updates and keep up with our progress.

Link to Kickstarter campaign.

Instrumental/vocal covers and originals, a variety of musical styles including: Classical, Celtic, Contemporary, World Folk, Native American fusion and a jazzy number or two.

Billie Woods: Celtic harp, piano, Native American flutes, vocals

Deborah Schmidt: classical guitar, Native American flutes, vocals

  • Available for: Wineries, Corporate Events, House Concerts, Cocktail Hours, Spas and Resorts, private parties and other special occasions.